IIT Techno Science & Robotics Exhibition – Kshitij (February 2015)

Students of Grade IX had the honour of being invited to the IIT Techno Science & Robots Exhibition called Kshitij. Kshitij is the biggest and most famous robotics exhibition in Asia. The exhibition featured great scientists from England, Australia and Canada.


District Level Science Exhibition (February 2015)

Two Grade IX teams from Splendour High School participated in the District Level Science Exhibition and presented a working model of a Hydraulic Bridge based on the Pascal law – winning the first prize. The jury team consisted of Professors from IIT who were in praise of the effort and extensive knowledge the students displayed.


Kolkata Youth Conference – (February 2014)

Grade X students along with some ex-students of Splendour School attended the Kolkata Youth Conference, one of the tenth conferences in India and one of the 114th conferences in the world.